From the recording Take Me To Your Soul

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Though I excitedly welcomed you
With a smiling embrace
Your retort so sharp left me
Stunned and dismayed
"What are you wearing?"
You burst without pause
Your utmost content now written on the wall
Is it really my outfit that has you throwing bow? 'Cause it doesn't seem likely for that way I've seen this go

The beauty is in women to be examples from within
To lift each other proudly, it where we can begin
Past the make-up, Past the fashion fat and thin
Past the place where appearance is the way a women wins
We will light this new path to a place that we all need
Where a win for you is a win for me and that's how we will succeed
The beauty is in women to be examples for the rest
Show how it's suppose to be and the rest in history

We are not competing to win
This is not a game
When I see you again I'll smile and wave
And mean it just the same
I will keep working to improve my view
See with love
Only let let pass through
I'll drink down the big pill and I'll take some blame
I'll introspect I'll cultivate change
I'll see with perspective to realize your pain
Take no offense
And love you anyway