Heatherly is the name you'll hear to describe the music from Heather Leigh Holt. She is an indie folk singer-songwriter that you can find singing an strumming all over Chattanooga and beyond with her band and solo. She grew up in Atlanta, Ga and attended the University of Georgia and graduated with a bachelors in music studying percussion. After college, Heatherly moved on to be an elementary music teacher and soon after picked up playing guitar. It wasn't long until she was performing in local open mics and after a few years, she decided to go all-in. In under a year, she released her self-titled EP and started playing all over the region. Some of the venues include Mellow Mushroom, Clyde's, Stone Cup, Coolidge Park, The Stir, The Feed, JJ's Bohemia, and Revelry Room. She has even traveled to Charlotte to play at Sycamore Brewing, Nashville to play at Alley Taps, Knoxville to play at Preservation Pub, and Gadsden, Al to play at Blackstone Pub. She has opened for artists like Muddy Magnolias, Permagroove, Cereus Bright, Bradford Loomis, and Aaron Lee Tasjan. 

Words from the press: 

The Local - by Joshua Pickard : "Heatherly is the moniker of Chattanooga musician Heather Leigh Holt, and through it, she finds an honest and open perspective on how folk and pop music run on parallel tracks, occasionally drawing from each other in a winding, circular progression. Her work is simple but not simplistic. There is enormous consequence running through her music, and she creates a bold and impressive folk landscape in which these sounds are set loose. Listening to her songs draws your mind to late evenings in the fall when friends gather around fires and send their voices up toward the horizon—the music captures a rare moment when the world halts its constant march to bend its ear toward a lilting autumnal noise.

On her new song, "Alright," she manages to imbue a starkly perfect song with a bottomless emotional weight—and all it takes are an acoustic guitar and Holt's mercurial voice. The lyrics sway around a golden melody that drapes sunlight across a bit of austere beauty. Her vocals come across as being both fragile and ferocious; the song demands that she inhabit these emotional worlds simultaneously. The song finds its roots in the singer-songwriters of the '60s and '70s but also conveys its own history and purpose. Everything comes together in a delicate balance of gravity and carefree longing, a difficult sound to approach and even more difficult to do well—but Holt manages just fine."


The Local - by Joshua Prickard : "Chattanooga musician Heather Leigh Holt (AKA Heatherly) looks for the minute and memorable details in her songs, the extended twang of an acoustic guitar string or the curling rhythm surrounding a specific couplet. Her work is grounded in a folk austerity but is given room to move through her particularly affecting voice and the corresponding melodies she invokes through it. Holt moved to Chattanooga after graduating from the University of Georgia, where she pursued an education in music with a special focus given to percussive elements. And though her music is generally the product of her own inspiration, fingers and voice, she has recently recruited singer Karmon French and guitarist Jesse Jungkurth to help fill in some open space within her songs.

On her new self-titled EP, Holt discovers the inherent force and power of simple things sung beautifully. These songs bleed, ache and refuse to be intimidated. The arrangements hew close to the singer-songwriters of the '60s and '70s that she so obviously admires, but she's evoking more than casual musical ghosts on these tracks. There's a stunning and revelatory tone that allows these words and chords to become more than just a series of songs to be heard—they become a connection to a far larger emotional viewpoint that easily submerges you as the music pours from your speakers. Holt has the kind of communal voice that speaks in universal truths while exploring smaller mysteries that haunt the edges of our periphery. The music is uncomplicated and gorgeous, and is just waiting for you to press play."

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