From the recording Heatherly

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Southern white girl
Surrounded by hate
If you're a different color, or from a different class, or even from a different state

Family dinner talks
Turned to feuds with tears
As a kid I tried to persuade their views but defeated and despondent
I just learned to leave the room


I have always been sensitive
To things derived with hate
I tried to see the positive
No matter what the fate

We all have different stories
Our lives not one the same
How can we stop this useless blame


Change never comes easy
Humans are not that way
Bad things have to happen
To pave the way

Will there ever be a day
Where change comes from peace
I'd have to see it to believe

Southern white girl
Surrounded by love
Surround me with love
Surround them with love
Surround all with love
It's a dream that won't come true